Save Me: New Webseries

Jan 05, 12 Save Me: New Webseries

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Today I would like to introduce a new webseries. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. These guys are facing some adversities and yet they are making their best to create a high quality production. I had the chance to talk to Ramon about this project. Ramon: Save Me is about ordinary people that has obtained...

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KalibreOnline TV

  After much consideration, I decided to start recording game play-through and later on commentaries. With this, KalibreOnline TV makes its debut on Youtube. The Youtube Channel was there for a while but I never had the time to learn about video-editing. While not perfect, I managed to record some footage and uploaded in...

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Katers At Blizzcon

Oct 25, 11 Katers At Blizzcon

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Very quick update! On my last post there was a picture of a girl with a costume. I originally intended to include this information with the late Blizzcon update but somehow I forgot. Like many others, I like to browse Youtube a lot. It was recently that I decided to be more active in the community and created a more personal...

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