Skyrim Real Life Bard

    She has a beautiful voice and is a Skyrim fan.  If you would like to replace the main theme with this song, follow these  instructions. Her name is  Malukah  and be sure to visit her Youtube...

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KalibreOnline TV

  After much consideration, I decided to start recording game play-through and later on commentaries. With this, KalibreOnline TV makes its debut on Youtube. The Youtube Channel was there for a while but I never had the time to learn about video-editing. While not perfect, I managed to record some footage and uploaded in...

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Skyrim New Patch 1.2 Update

Nov 28, 11 Skyrim New Patch 1.2 Update

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About time! The PS3 bug is just brutal (almost unplayable after reaching 5mb save files) and I want it gone. The PC needed some loving too. Glad to see Bathesda responding as fast as possible. This update will hit PS3 users first and probably on Wednesday for PC and Xbox 360.   UPDATE 1.2 NOTES (all platforms unless...

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How To Fix Lag In Skyrim

As you know, I have been playing Skyrim since day one. This is the only game that has pull me away from MMORPGs in a very long time. As of now, being a Thief/Archer/Conjurer or Shade as I like to call it, has been extremely fun. This game does not play nice with the huge amount of bugs and technical issues. However, I found one of...

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Argonian Sex Stories In Skyrim

There are quite a few Easter Eggs in Skyrim but this one is quite bizarre. This extramarital affair tells the story of an Argonian maid and her married lover. Two things are not clear, if he is married or if he is Argonian as well. ...

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