More Cataclysm Hotfixes

Blizzard continues to roll out fixes for their massive World of Warcraft Expansion. I am enjoying my time playing again on a PvP server. The ganking/ganked feeling never gets old. Here are the fixes that were posted in their website. General Many guards who maintain peace by slaughtering PvPers have been properly buffed to match...

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Starcraft 2: Free Name Change For All Players

Blizzard delivered on what was promised: A free name change for those that messed up theirs at creation.  Here’s the official announcement:   All StarCraft II accounts have been granted one free name change. If you’d like to change your character name, log in to Account Management and choose your StarCraft II:...

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Diablo 3: PvP Arena Video


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Blizzcon Accident: Kid Breaks His Leg In Dance Contest

I know a lot of people will laugh at this but the kid got balls. He looks calm, and didn’t squeal like a crazy person would do. You know, there are people out there that scream when a cardbox falls on them. I know crazy! I really hope the kid gets better soon and it sucks his Blizzcon experience was...

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World of Warcraft Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer

The Cinematic trailer for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion was released. It looks good but I don’t get that “epic” feeling from other trailers. Where the hell are the goblins and Worgens? Nice “2012” reference there...

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