How To Maintain Your World Of Warcraft Account Safe

Blizzard just recently opened their new Customer Support YouTube channel and for the most part I think it is a good idea. At first glance I thought the voice overs were a little over the top but I got used to them. Most people will think that these things are common sense but you will be surprise how careless and clueless some...

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Sylvanas Windrunner: Edge of Night

Love or hate it, World of Warcraft has a great lore behind it. All starting since Warcraft, the RTS (real-time strategy) game that changed my life. That’s not today’s story however. Blizzard has a section on their site called, Expanded Universe. In there you will find lore-bits from the game. Usually covering the stories...

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StarCraft 2: Patch 1.4 Notes

Sep 23, 11 StarCraft 2: Patch 1.4 Notes

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  I have been playing Starcraft 2 again for a while. It is true that I still suck but I have ranked up over 40 places and I am in the Top 50 of my league, The Scrub League. Here are the patch notes straight from the oven. Balance Changes General Unit vision up ramps has been reduced by 1. This change is specifically to...

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Diablo 3 Co-Op Beta Footage

Sep 20, 11 Diablo 3 Co-Op Beta Footage

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It is dark outside. It’s dark inside my room as well. The light that’s coming out of the monitor reflect the tears that go down my face. Trembling, I click the wrong keys while trying to type this little pathetic note. That was incredibly dramatic. But really! And why you may ask I am rambling in such a tragic way? Well,...

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Diablo 3: Beta Leaked Video and Screens

Sep 06, 11 Diablo 3: Beta Leaked Video and Screens

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A very short video was leaked showing the character creation screen. There was also a couple of screens released showing a character questing. There should be no surprise and I am sure more videos will be released soon by players on the Beta. If you want to be part of the Diablo 3 beta, remember to OPT in in your Battlenet account....

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