Lacanoz Day!

Is up! Lacanoz’s blog on Sk-Gaming (you can read my interview here) has been published and is excellent.  I can’t comment on the actual RMP (Rogue, Mage, Priest if you are wondering) representation because this is the first time I actually play this comp. From my limited experience, yes it seems if we can...

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The New Lich King

No King Rules Forever It finally happened, the moment many players have waited for, the death of Arthas. The video is full of spoilers, so you have been warned. From a logical standpoint it makes sense to finally put an end to the Lich King in order to continue the game’s lore and progression. From an Arthas fanboi point of...

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World of Warcraft: Get Lich Or Die Trying

For those Arhas fanboys out...

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The Life Of A World Of Warcraft Scrub

3 Hours And 50 Minutes My priest finally reached level 80. It’s true that I took a lot of time doing it but if you just count the /played time, I did an amazing job maximizing the XP per hour. Questing while using the Dungeon Finder helped a lot. I burned that rested XP like crazy. It only took me 3 hours and 50 minutes to...

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Death Knight Fun: “Soloin” in Azeroth


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