World Of Warcraft: New Hydra TR Movie, Gforce 4.5-Violent District 52

Hydra released a new movie recorded during the Tournament Realm phase. It features his RMP (Rogue, Mage, Priest) against different teams in the EU TR. You can find it here. Remember to visit Hydramist for the latest Europe WoW news. Say hi to Yiska for me. For those looking for a little bit more action, Gforce released another of...

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MLG 2010 WoW Winners: Loaded Black

Congratulations are in order to the MLG winners, Loaded Black (aka BB). When everybody thought RMP (Rogue, Mage, Priest) was archaic, here they come again and raise to the occasion. Is E-Sport embedded in Korean’s DNA? coL.Red and FnaticMSI performed really good as well. As far as I know, there’s no drama (not yet)...

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Woundman 10: Hypersomia

Everybody’s favorite rogue is back! Woundman released his latest movies just hours after the MLG event. This time the movie is very well edited but you should only watch it if you are into arena. The recorded vent (or skype) gives this movie a nice touch. Every time I see this guy playing, I feel an urge to play my...

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Avatar Days: A Gamer’s Documentary

This is a very short documentary about the lives of different people that play World of Warcraft. Amazing work! This is short film directed by Gavin Kelly ( ) we worked on a while ago called “Avatar Days”. What makes this one special is the fact that it was filmed, vfx’ed and comped all in...

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Rogue VS Patchwork

Gengar from the WoWRiot Community just posted this interesting Rogue video. Before I continue please be aware that the picture that I used was the creation of a deviantart user named kolasama. Amazing work! Now to the...

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