World of Warcraft: Sexy Cooldown

I have never used this addon before. It was installed in my computer because it was part of a UI compilation I wanted to use. Now, this is one of those addons that I feel should be included in the game. It’s very easy to use and provides an easy “scan” when you want to keep an eye on your cooldowns. This was saved...

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World of Warcraft: Woundman 5 – Dance is Back!

Rogue lovers and Woundman’s fans rejoice,  the rogue hero (member of Team EG, winners of the ESL finals) released his fifth movie. I just finished it watching it (while trying to get my baby back to sleep) and is really good. What’s behind the black bars though? Anyway, even my daughter liked the movie. She had her...

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World Of Warcraft Arena For Dummies

This is a very long overdue blog post. Several months ago I asked Bodi from World of Ming (or WoM) permission to post the first part of his guide here on Kalibre Online.  Being the cool guy that he is, Nick agreed to it and for the record, this is one hell of a guide. We need more writers of his caliber doing stuff like...

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World of Warcraft’s Celestial Mount

I will reserve my opinions about this whole “subscription + item shop” drama. On March, KO posted a video that showed the Steed’s animations (thanks to in action. For those with the cash to spare, enjoy the first mount that can be bought with real currency in World of Warcraft. If you can’t afford...

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World of Warcraft Cataclysm Class Changes: The Priest

As you all know, Blizzard started to post more information regarding the possible class changes in the upcoming expansion: Cataclysm. I will be covering the changes for the class that I currently play and the ones that I used to play or have as an alt. Leap of Faith (level 85): Pull a party or raid member to your location. Leap of...

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