Halloween In MMOs

It is very common to have Holiday events in MMOs. This is another way to bring the social aspects of the game or just an e-peen race to get the latest perks. Either way, I love the idea and intentions behind it. A few minutes ago I finished watching Tera’s Halloween Trailer. For some reason, I found it very creepy. Spoiler...

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Tera, The Exiled Realm of Arborea: Classes Trailer

A few days ago, I posted a trailer featuring the character customization in the game. Well, a new trailer showing off the classes is available and it looks great. The skills animations look outstanding! Now there is something bothering me. No, is not the lack of armor in the female models. They look sexy. I am talking about the...

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Tera The Exiled Realm Of Arborea

Some weeks back, I posted some videos about Tera and commented on the direction this game is taking. Here is another video but this time is about the character creation in the game. Before I continue, remember, asian themed games tend to look a bit similar. Since I have not tested the character creation I will assumed it’s as...

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