Lord British Critically Hits NCSOFT: Richard Garriott Wins Lawsuit

Man, I wanted to use the term “Lord British PWNs NCSOFT” but I restrained myself. Tabula Rasa was definitely a flawed game but it was going in the right direction. I was always secretly hoping for an update or expansion that would allow factional PvP. After the game was shut down and I read the story on how NCSOFT...

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What Tabula Rasa Did Wrong, Is Earthrise the Next Tabula Rasa?

I feel the need to elaborate about Tabula Rasa before comparing the two games. Tabula Rasa, a project so large that suffered a complete re-design in the middle of development. At first it was a fantasy game, then it became a science fiction MMO with some great ideas but poor execution. How is Tabula Rasa doing? Not good, the game...

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