Starcraft 2: Free Name Change For All Players

Blizzard delivered on what was promised: A free name change for those that messed up theirs at creation.  Here’s the official announcement:   All StarCraft II accounts have been granted one free name change. If you’d like to change your character name, log in to Account Management and choose your StarCraft II:...

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Starcraft 2 At Blizzcon

Early this morning I was reading about the Starcraft 2 Map Editor Panel during Blizzcon. This is some pretty exciting stuff, gotta keep working my SC2 skills.  Check out the...

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StarCraft 2: Play To Lose

Update: Please excuse the delay in the posts, I have been very busy and was unable to post this until now. One of the things that I like about the RTS genre is that there’s nobody to blame but yourself when you lose. There’s no nerd-raging your teammate because he forgot to purge the buffs or “cycloned” the...

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Starcraft 2: Patch 1.1

Here are a few notes from Blizzard regarding the Patch 1.1 and some balance changes. You can read the whole thing here. Also be on the lookout for the new name change service. It seems like the first one will be free and the next time you want a name change you will have to pay a fee. Balance Changes We have several balance changes...

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Diary of a Zergling

This got my eye while I was on my break at work. It is pretty good. You can find the original here. Day 1  I just got spawned! There was another guy in my egg, though. Not too sure what to think about that. The creep looks pretty cool, I guess. My job is mostly running around the base. Nothing too awesome going on. Day 2  A...

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