Appreciating The New Tools In The MMO Genre

  The search of the next great MMO. What a search! Please notice that I used the word “great” and not “best”. I go through this every single time. Once again I was reminded about the little things that World of Warcraft does right for me. Yes, I am tired of the fantasy setting but it fits my casual...

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: AKA Playstation Phone?

Mar 29, 11 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: AKA Playstation Phone?

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Here’s a video of the new upcoming Xperia phone. This beast runs android Gingerbread and will bring a new wave of games to the Android market. With the right phone, these games will not be limited to just the Xperia Play, which I think is a great decision. Exciting times for the Android platform. Can’t wait to see when...

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PS3 Eye Lives: Kung Fu Live Trailer

I am out of words to describe this trailer. For this reason I will just insert an excerpt from the Playstation Blog: Kung-Fu LIVE is a unique fighting adventure that uses the PlayStation Eye camera and our patented Freemotion technology to create a totally new playing experience. With accurate tracking and background removal, you...

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Sony Wants You: Become A Zombie And Work For Sony For FREE!

This is the most ridiculous news I have read in a while. Check the pitch: Ever wanted to be in a video game trailer? How about a zombie video game trailer? On May 15th and 16th, we will be shooting a trailer for an upcoming zombie video game in San Francisco, CA. We want to give 20 of you the chance to appear in the trailer…...

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Official God Of War 3 Launch Trailer

Mar 16, 10 Official God Of War 3 Launch Trailer

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I know this is another God of War III video but man I can’t wait to play this game. Don’t ever get on Krato’s bad side…...

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