DC Universe Online Beta Invites

Jul 20, 10 DC Universe Online Beta Invites

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After my initial excitement and disappointment with Champions Online I was about to give City of Heroes/Villains another try. However, I was lucky enough to follow the development of DC Universe Online. The game looks very good and cares about the ongoing aspect of the PvP (Player vs Player) in the form of Heroes vs Villains. Now,...

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Everquest 2: Battlegrounds PVP System Coming Soon

Something that Warhammer Online did right: World PvP and Battlegrounds.  I loved how it was incorporated, the World PvP was a bit flawed but it was entertaining.  Everquest 2 will join the list of games with a Battleground PvP system and that is great news.  This system will be included across all servers for...

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Player Content in StarWars Galaxies: A Little Too Late?

Oct 20, 09 Player Content in StarWars Galaxies: A Little Too Late?

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Star Wars Galaxies, a game that has been the constant target of attacks by its player base. SWG suffered major game changing updates and the last one created rage among the players: the NGE.  Abbreviated as NGE, the New Game Enhancements, was implemented almost in total secrecy.  Major changes included the simplification of...

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