DC Universe Is Going Free To Play

Sep 24, 11 DC Universe Is Going Free To Play

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  YES! This is absolutely the right move for SOE. DC Universe going free to play means that a lot of new blood will see its potential. This game is one of the best Superhero MMOs out there. And being backed up by DC Comics just add to the awesomeness. I have played on release both City of Heroes and Villains, Champions Online...

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The Power School: DC Universe Online 101

Mar 04, 11 The Power School: DC Universe Online 101

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I have been chatting with some of my friends about DC Universe Online. Like myself, most of them have not played a console MMO game. I played Final Fantasy XI for the PC and I still remember the horrible interface. DCUO has that in common with FFXI but I most say, you get used to it. Everybody that knows me is well aware of my...

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Quickly, After Catwoman!

SOE has finally released the first patch in what they call “monthly events”. Asides from adding more end game content, this patch brings a few adjustment to power sets, UI and bugs. Biggest question is: Are you still playing the game? Before watching the Catwoman trailer I would like you to watch the Second Blur Trailer...

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My First 10 Levels In DC Universe Online

I read about people reaching the max level in DC Universe Online after the second day they played. In my personal case, I just reached level 10. In my defense, I made multiple characters trying out the different powers. That and the fact I mostly play a couple of hours, two days a week. Yes, this game has multiple flaws but...

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Everquest 2 Goes Free To Play: Meet Everquest 2 Extended

A few months ago, the senior producer of Everquest 2 announced that the game would never become Free to Play. Guess what? It just did. Way to look like a douche. Meet Everquest 2 Extended; this “new game” is trying to compete with others F2P games like Dungeons and Dragons Online. and Lords of the Rings, in order words...

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