Slightly Relevant Amazing Valentines’ Giveaway

Feb 01, 11 Slightly Relevant Amazing Valentines’ Giveaway

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The crew over at is having a Valentines’ Day Giveaway.  Check out the loot:   These goodies were made by Rika and Heretica. In case you are wondering, yes they are both girls. And they game too. So head over to SR and check out the rules in order to...

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Slightly Relevant First Contest: Win an Aion Key!

Quick update here! You want to play Aion? Do you want to play the game for free? If that’s the case, SlightlyRelevant is doing just that. The team has a hold of two keys to give away. So how to win? Comment on our site anywhere between October 13 and October 27. The judges (aka, us SR folks) will then decide on two winners....

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Accountability vs. Anonymity At SlightlyRelevant

This is the first Weekly Weigh-in from Slightlyrelevant. The topic is Accountability vs Anonymity. Remember these are just opinions from the team and if you don’t agree, well what do you want me to do? Arcturas I think the RealID proposal by Blizzard was completely a ploy. No I’m not saying it was “fake” or anything,...

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Slightlyrelevant Opens Its Doors

After much debate, finally open its doors to the public. In this website you will find different people with different opinions that might be relevant for you to read; or not it’s your choice. As of right now, eight people united by fate (or something like that) have joined their creative minds to...

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