Kalibre Online Turns One Year: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This is unbelievable! I knew it was getting close but I forgot completely. Kalibre Online turned one year old. VIVA! This incoherent journey has been amazing. While butchering the English language (and learning on the way), I met some really cool people. Big thanks to everyone that has visited, commented, spammed, lurked and...

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KalibreOnline’s Mini-Graphic Update!

Finally! After more than a month trying to squeeze time in order to update the banner’s graphic, it is done. Among the other changes, the sidebars switched places. Because I was so used to the original design, it took me a while to rate it objectively. Now, a few hours after the change I can say I truly love these little...

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New KalibreOnline Feature: Request A Review

I am very happy to announce this new feature to KalibreOnline. This was an idea suggested by Project Xii and I immediately loved it. As of now just feel free to leave a comment with the game or anime that you would like the amazing Mr. Xii to review. Yes, it’s that simple. Remember, not all requests can be honored and...

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Updates: New Logo

This is another quick update regarding the website. KalibreOnline is sporting a new simple logo. This is definitely a refreshing change from my failed attempt at logo making. If you never really noticed the old one, consider yourself lucky. Yes it was that bad. Thanks to Yopo, KO’s new look is a bit more professional and...

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KO’s New Frontier: Anime and Game Reviews

Jun 18, 10 KO’s New Frontier: Anime and Game Reviews

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As I already mentioned, I injured my back a few days ago and is very hard for me to sit down and write my “craptastic” updates. For starters, I would like to welcome Project Xii to Kalibre Online. He will be taking care of the Anime and Game review section. This column is called Random Ravings in honor of his other...

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