Feb 21, 12 Update

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  This is a quick update. I was hoping to keep up the daily blog post but the time it takes to transition into a Vlogger is more than I expected. Editing videos and making them are very time consuming. This leaves me with barely any time. I will find a solution for...

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Win A Minecraft Or Dirt 3 Copy

Jan 28, 12 Win A Minecraft Or Dirt 3 Copy

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  (Versión en español se encuentra un poco mas abajo) The Giveaways are back! KalibreOnline is sponsoring TGNSpanish’s Youtube Channel and the prize is a Minecraft copy. In order to participate, all you need to do is watch this video and follow the instructions. If you are too lazy to do that, just know that the...

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KalibreOnline Joins TGN!

Jan 24, 12 KalibreOnline Joins TGN!

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  This announcement is a few weeks late.  After a nice Skype mini-meeting with George Vanous (CEO) of TGN, KalibreOnline was able to get a Youtube Partnership through them. Due to how Youtube handle accounts that are attached to an adsense, the official KalibreOnline YT Channel was put in a queue. In the meantime I will be...

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After Ten Days, KalibreOnline Comes Back Online!

Jan 21, 12 After Ten Days, KalibreOnline Comes Back Online!

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This felt like an eternity (at least for me) but in reality it was just only ten days. Very soon I will write the real reason why the blog was down (it was not the feds, insert “winky face”) in an attempt to avoid more downtime or any vindictive behavior from the previous company that was doing my web...

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A Message From The Winner Of Our Giveaway

Jan 07, 12 A Message From The Winner Of Our Giveaway

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This is going to be a super short post. I need to be working on some videos. Doing some serious thinking about the possibility of adding a green screen to my game-room. That’s not counting some very exciting announcements about KalibreOnline’s future. I asked the winner to please send me some kind of confirmation that he...

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