Dragon Age 2 or Not?

I loved the first Dragon Age. That game reminded me of the old Baldur’s Gate. When all the DLCs and expansion were announced, I was not really excited. It looked as if EA was milking the game as much as possible. Like it or not, in a blink of an eye (not really) we have Dragon Age 2. In an unusual spur of the moment thing, I...

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Resonance of Fate By SEGA

Oct 02, 09 Resonance of Fate By SEGA

Posted by in Gaming, Xbox 360

I was interrupted early this morning by a friend that was literally screaming at me via MSN: “DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO SEE THIS” – FRIEND “Ok! What’s up?” – me   “I KNOW YOU BARELY PLAY CONSOLES BUT YOU GOTTA SEE THIS” – FRIEND “Sure thing, what’s...

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