Rift Patch Notes: From Beta to Head Start

Trion released a new set of patch notes that covers the game from Beta 7 to the headstart, which was yesterday. Check them out! === FEATURED === * Added new UI section for class-specific mechanics (Pacts, Convictions, etc) on Player and Target portraits. * Added Ancient Wardstones to Scarwood Reach. Activate them all to wake the...

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A New Level Of Customer Service In An MMO?

This might be a bit biased I know. While I am personally debating how much play-time I will be able  to drop on Rift, I must say I am impressed by this gem on their forum: Many of you have pre-ordered the boxed Collector’s Edition of Rift and have been asking about getting your pre-order items at Headstart. Since you will not...

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Reve’s Rift Impressions

Feb 11, 11 Reve’s Rift Impressions

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Well, so as it is usual, a friend calls me and says : “Hey! Have you seen (Insert random game name here)? Its coming out X day of Y month and its “fricking” awesome! And its on closed beta right now!” My usual response is: “No, but I’ll check it out”. Well the last time this happened the game was Rift, and this...

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Rift Beta 5 Changes and PvP Video

I tried the Rift beta 5 and I enjoyed what I saw. There will be a post about my impressions of the game. For now please enjoy this video that was originally posted on RiftJunkies. One thing that I love is the UI. It’s the same UI you have seen in other games but you can alter it however you see fit your style. Rift is not the...

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