Razer DeathAdder Giveaway

Apr 07, 12 Razer DeathAdder Giveaway

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  I am so sorry I have not posted anything in a while. Lately, I have been working very hard on Youtube.  To try and make a few of you happy (if you still visit the site), here’s a token of my appreciation: A Razer DeathAdder Giveaway. Th e video es in Spanish but all you need to do is register an account in our...

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Project Fiona: Razer’s New Tablet

Jan 21, 12 Project Fiona: Razer’s New Tablet

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    Razer just revealed their new project, a PC Tablet designed for PC Gamers. I thought they were done after annoucing the SwitchBlade. I was wrong! This new tablet is also a mini-PC on steroids. What other tablets are missing, Fiona incorporates it beautifully. You can also use a keyboard and a mouse. My words do no...

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Cataclysm Video: Swifty’s Videos

Remember Swifty, the legendary warrior? The guy has been “flamed” nonstop but that has not slowed him down. Check out the insane computer setup Razer hooked him with. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel as...

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Razer’s Hax Life

Razer has released a Pro Gaming documentary called: The Hax Life. In here you will find the truth about how hard it is to yield the status of Pro Gamer in Korea.  It does not matter if you are a casual gamer or you are seeking that elite status of an E-Athlete. It is definitely worth a watch. I would like to say that the APM...

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