World Of Warcraft: New Hydra TR Movie, Gforce 4.5-Violent District 52

Hydra released a new movie recorded during the Tournament Realm phase. It features his RMP (Rogue, Mage, Priest) against different teams in the EU TR. You can find it here. Remember to visit Hydramist for the latest Europe WoW news. Say hi to Yiska for me. For those looking for a little bit more action, Gforce released another of...

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World of Warcraft: Woundman 5 – Dance is Back!

Rogue lovers and Woundman’s fans rejoice,  the rogue hero (member of Team EG, winners of the ESL finals) released his fifth movie. I just finished it watching it (while trying to get my baby back to sleep) and is really good. What’s behind the black bars though? Anyway, even my daughter liked the movie. She had her...

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Deep Feral 7: The Six Million Dollar Cat

Oct 03, 09 Deep Feral 7: The Six Million Dollar Cat

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Druid PvP movies are rare, and good educational druid movies are very hard to find.  Deep released his newest movie in WCM called The Six Millon Dollar Cat.  The movie will not impress viewers that prefer videos with fancy editing like the Gforce Series but the intro is clever and funny.  Deep shows world pvp, bgs and arena...

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Game fatigue and Machinima!

Lately I have been wondering where to invest my spare time; my love for MMOs and online games is still strong, but I might be suffering from “mmo fatigue”.  As my friends wait impatiently for the release of Aion and after various conversations of how the game will bring real “pvp” to the MMO scene a lá Dark...

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