Modern Warfare 2 GREATEST Knife Kill Ever

Mr. Pibbs from the Hellforge Community posted the following video and I wanted to share it with everybody.  This is the kind of knife kills that I want to perform daily but can only dream off. Sir, for your accomplishment you need a special name, rank or perk.  Watch the video and you will realize what I...

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Dragon Age: Origins

What a game! Dragon Age has an amazing storyline, another masterpiece from Bioware.  I will present you with two trailers.  The first trailer was heavily criticized and features “This is the New Shit” by Marilyn Manson.  The second trailer features in game footage and is simply breathtaking....

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Mordern Warfare 2 Full Lenght New Trailer

The new Modern Warfare 2 Trailer was released and it looks great.  Asides from all the drama Infinity Ward has created, the game shows a good deal of realism.  Just a matter of days for the game’s release.  Are you...

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