The F2P Executive Decision: Lords Of The Ring Online and Global Agenda

These news are a bit old but I failed to post them. For those that have no idea, Global Agenda will eliminate its subscription service known as AvA. Now everybody that buys the game can play the Conquest mode for free. They will use the same formula Guild Wars have used in the past: pay for expansions. Turbine,...

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Invites

Start checking your emails NOW! Bioware has sent the first batch of beta invites for the upcoming MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). According to Massively this is not a rumor. You can find in the comments a few screenshots of the actual invite. If not, it’s a very cruel joke. Either way, I’m off to play the...

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Warhammer 40k: The MMORPG

Let’s talk about the past for a brief moment. World of Warcraft vs Warhammer. Remember that rivalry between players? So what happened? Warhammer Online was sucessful enough to warrant the opening of more servers when it was released. It all happened very fast. They were not that fast when the servers needed an urgent merge to...

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Tera, The Exiled Realm of Arborea: Classes Trailer

A few days ago, I posted a trailer featuring the character customization in the game. Well, a new trailer showing off the classes is available and it looks great. The skills animations look outstanding! Now there is something bothering me. No, is not the lack of armor in the female models. They look sexy. I am talking about the...

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Rogue VS Patchwork

Gengar from the WoWRiot Community just posted this interesting Rogue video. Before I continue please be aware that the picture that I used was the creation of a deviantart user named kolasama. Amazing work! Now to the...

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