Does Revenge Solves Everything? It Does in Dishonored

Oct 15, 12 Does Revenge Solves Everything? It Does in Dishonored

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When Dishonored was first announced, I did not really care.  Not sure why, to me it was just “another game”. A few weeks ago, a gameplay video caught my attention. It was then when I realized what an idiot I was.  That little gameplay video sparked memories that I thought were long forgotten. IT WAS THIEF! After so...

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More Games At $5

This past Monday D2D changed the list of games in the $5 sale.  It is week 4 and the list is packed with Indie love: Mount and Blade World of Goo Defense Grid: Awakening Sword of the Stars Cogs Light of Altair The Path Bridge Construction Set Gish There are other games wearing that $5 dollar tag: Saints Row 2 Far...

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Great number of games for $5.00!

Well, for those interested in EvE online and missed the great deal Steam was offering, you can finally stop crying;  Direct2Drive is having a a super sale on at least 50 games, Eve (among others) are included in the deal!   No, this is not some cheap promo (if at least I would get paid for promoting other sites….), every...

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