Rift Patch: Great Launch!

Mar 11, 11 Rift Patch: Great Launch!

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Trion released their first official patch after the release of the new beast on the market. I must say, it has been a great launch. With all honesty and leaving aside all the “Rift Hype”, I can’t remember when was a game released in such a smooth way. Congratulations Trion! Check out the patch notes:   ==...

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Rift Patch Notes: From Beta to Head Start

Trion released a new set of patch notes that covers the game from Beta 7 to the headstart, which was yesterday. Check them out! === FEATURED === * Added new UI section for class-specific mechanics (Pacts, Convictions, etc) on Player and Target portraits. * Added Ancient Wardstones to Scarwood Reach. Activate them all to wake the...

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Quickly, After Catwoman!

SOE has finally released the first patch in what they call “monthly events”. Asides from adding more end game content, this patch brings a few adjustment to power sets, UI and bugs. Biggest question is: Are you still playing the game? Before watching the Catwoman trailer I would like you to watch the Second Blur Trailer...

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World Of Warcraft: Patch 4.0.1 Is Out!

This gigantic patch has finally been released. Be sure to check out the new changes and adopt the new gameplay for all different classes.  Here’s a small compilation of the patch notes but remember to check the official forum post. Just so you know, the new patcher is very cool. World of Warcraft Client Patch 4.0.1 The...

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