New Blade & Soul Footage: Just Breathtaking

NCSoft released a new video featuring some gameplay elements of their new upcoming MMO called: Blade & Soul.  The movie is 11 minutes long and is just breathtaking.  Gorgeous visuals with stunning combat for an MMO game.  I would like to see more of AoC’s combat in other MMOs but B&S takes it to another level....

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Aion: Visions Of The Future

I never really enjoyed Aion as much as my friends.  The time I spent playing the game was enjoyable (I liked the fighting system and cinematic cut scenes) but heavily disliked the grinding.  NCSoft released a new video called “Visions of the Future” and I will admit it left me speechless.  Aion is a beautiful game,...

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NCSoft Next Game: Blade and Soul A Game With Incredible Combat

NCsoft revealed a teaser video for those following their next game called Blade and Soul.  The trailer does not show much, that’s why I have included a gameplay video.  This game looks a lot better than Aion, I hope the grind won’t be as bad.  Judging from the videos, the combat looks very impressive.  Will it be...

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What Tabula Rasa Did Wrong, Is Earthrise the Next Tabula Rasa?

I feel the need to elaborate about Tabula Rasa before comparing the two games. Tabula Rasa, a project so large that suffered a complete re-design in the middle of development. At first it was a fantasy game, then it became a science fiction MMO with some great ideas but poor execution. How is Tabula Rasa doing? Not good, the game...

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My first 10 levels in Aion

Sep 29, 09 My first 10 levels in Aion

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Aion has been the topic of hate and love, everybody is rushing to reach the highest level and that is exactly why I am witting this post.  As much as I would like to be “hardcore” again and join in the competition, there is no way a “casual” like me can do that; instead I will point out what I have seen in...

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