Guild Wars 2 Is Almost Here: Meet The Thief

Aug 22, 12 Guild Wars 2 Is Almost Here: Meet The Thief

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The wait is almost over. Guild Wars 2 will be making its mark this month (August) in this digital world filled with countless MMORPGs. GW2 is taking a radical direction while focusing on the PvP that we all love. For those living under a rock, here’s some information. Guild Wars 2 will feature five races and eight professions....

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Linage Eternal To Bring Revolution

First of all, I would like to thank my friend Vako for quickly sending me this trailer. It seems that there’s a revolution going on and a handful of new MOMRPGs are switching to a more action based combat system. In the case of Linage, this new entry looks like it’s taking a page from the past, adding some Diablo-esque...

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Blade & Soul: Next GEN MMO or More Of The Same?

A long time ago, I posted some pictures and videos of a game called Blade & Soul. This is a new game that will be released by NCSoft, the same company that brought us Aion among other games. Before you turn away thinking that this is just another Korean grinder (which it might be) this game will offer a different combat system...

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Lord British Critically Hits NCSOFT: Richard Garriott Wins Lawsuit

Man, I wanted to use the term “Lord British PWNs NCSOFT” but I restrained myself. Tabula Rasa was definitely a flawed game but it was going in the right direction. I was always secretly hoping for an update or expansion that would allow factional PvP. After the game was shut down and I read the story on how NCSOFT...

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Botters Explode: Aion Style

The “open shop” feature that Aion uses (and a couple of K-grinders) is horrible.  According to NCSoft, around 27k botting accounts have been banned.  Good for them!  I like the public display of humiliation taken on the...

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