The Hot Girls of Tekken

Oct 05, 11 The Hot Girls of Tekken

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This is kind of a re-post thanks to a spammer. A lot of the posts have not been updated to the new format because it is quite painful to do it. I have been doing it as I stumble upon them. Today I found a small gallery that had no other than the hot girls from the Tekken movie. Not to have it lost forever in the great internet, I...

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Street Fighter X Tekken

Well this bomb was dropped during Comic-Con. The announcement was met with great enthusiasm from the fans. Asides from being an instant money maker, I think this product is definitely made for the fans.  The following videos show the intro and gameplay footage in “Street Fighter 4 mode”. However, there will be another...

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Tekken: The Movie

Jan 16, 10 Tekken: The Movie

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King of Fighters has a movie, why shouldn’t Tekken? Video games, specially the fighting genre, don’t really make spectacular movies.  I have my fingers crossed about this. Enjoy the trailer. So who exactly is the cast?...

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