The Multiverse – Episode #16: “I am Betty White” & Starcraft 2 Beta Key Contest Sponsored By Game By Night

Episode #16 is up and running over at Gamebynight, be sure to check it out. Do you want a Starcraft 2 Beta key? Follow Chris’ instructions in his post and sign up to get yours now.

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Multiverse Episode 11 Available Now!

Check out the new episode over at Gamebynight!  Yes I agree! FULL TIME JOBS FOR GAMERS!!! Sign me up please.

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Enter The Multiverse

Lately, all of KalibreOnline’s posts have been regarding gaming news, funny videos or just some random news.  I have neglected something very important, one of my favorite podcast.  Enter Multiverse, a gaming podcast created by Chris from gamebynight.  It is a very young but promising podcast. Be sure to catch episode 1 and...

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