Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Movie Trailer

I made a post asking myself if the game and the movie might see a release on the same day. Still no...

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Shutter Island and Valentine’s Day

Just saw the new Scorsese/ DiCaprio movie Shutter Island and got what I expected for the most part: Good acting and good film making (The Departed, go watch this, even if you’ve already seen it). If you haven’t seen the trailer yet (the movie was supposed to come out in October so its been around for a while) Dicaprio plays a...

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Hot Tub Time Machine New Trailer NSFW

The first time I saw this trailer I didn’t really paid much attention. After watching the red band trailer and having a conversation with a friend about it, I have changed my mind. This movie looks like is full of awesomeness. Yes, I did use that...

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