The Expendables Trailer

Rambo, The Terminator, John McClane, whoever Jet Li has played, The Transporter, Stone Cold Steve Austin, a couple UFC guys, and the Russian from Rocky IV are The Expendables . The thinking here: the more action-heroes in the movie the better. Obviously that won’t be the case, but it could be entertaining watching all these...

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Hot Tub, Dragon, and Greenberg

If you can’t already tell by the name, Hot Tub Time Machine is a pretty stupid movie. With that being said though, it’s still pretty funny. You have to ignore the dumb plot line a little, but it’s a comedy so that’s not really hard to do. Four dudes go back in time for a night and must do everything they had done before to...

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Dinner for Schmucks Trailer

Paul Rudd and Steve Carell can both be very funny, though this seems like a strange plot. The trailer looks funny...

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Kick Ass: The Movie

The comic adaptation will be hitting the big screen soon. Here are a couple of awesome trailers from the...

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The Last Airbender Trailer

Not familiar with the cartoon, but this looks like it could be good. M Night Shyamalan has been hit-or-miss so we shall...

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