Blade & Soul: Closed Beta Videos

Sep 22, 11 Blade & Soul: Closed Beta Videos

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I have blogged a bit about Blade & Soul. Correction, I have posted a lot of videos about Blade & Soul. To keep the tradition strong I have more Blade & Soul Closed Beta Videos. Awesome right? The first video shows flying in the game. By looking at the animation and hearing the background music, it truly feels like an...

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There’s Old Spice Inside My Rift

This was a very unexpected video. The guys over at Trion, well-known for their success (and one of the most stable launches in MMO history) with the MMORPG Rift, have started a campaign to have players refer friends to the game. I don’t want to spoil the video for any of you so just go ahead and watch...

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Dragon Quest X: An Online Roleplaying Game

Sep 05, 11 Dragon Quest X: An Online Roleplaying Game

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It was a matter of time for this to happen. After all, this is another big franchise for the monster formerly known as Square-Enix. Dragon Quest X was announced by Square-Enix as an Online Role Playing Game for the Wii and the Wii-U. What exactly this term means? Is it just a new term referring to the used MMORPG (Massively...

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The Secret World Accepting Beta Testers

The official website for Funcom’s new game, The Secret World is finally letting players opt in for their beta. When this game was first announced, it used an unlikely method to adverse an MMORPG. I even posted a video about it. Now is finally time for players to select their faction and “hope” that they are...

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My First MMORPG: Final Fantasy 14

My whole life I’ve been avoiding MMOs. Not because they’re bad, but being the addiction-prone gamer I am, I figured getting involved in one would be the end of my real world life as I know it. Goodbye sunlight, goodbye relationships, goodbye job and social life. I’ve spent so long listening to people talk about how good they...

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