Halloween In MMOs

It is very common to have Holiday events in MMOs. This is another way to bring the social aspects of the game or just an e-peen race to get the latest perks. Either way, I love the idea and intentions behind it. A few minutes ago I finished watching Tera’s Halloween Trailer. For some reason, I found it very creepy. Spoiler...

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Blizzard Presents Mists of Pandaria, The New World Of Warcraft Expansion

This is a bit late I know. I was about to not post anything because all blogs out there are writing about it. However, my surprise can’t be contained. More on that later. Like the Headline implies, Blizzard finally announced Mists of Pandaria as the new expansion for their World of Warcraft MMO. Yes, Pandaria as in...

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Final Fantasy XIV Releases Patch 1.9

(Update: Check out the Letter from the Producer Live video at the end of this post)This is one of the biggest patches in the history of Final Fantasy XIV. In my opinion the biggest change is the addition of a Tutorial for new players. As of last night I was re-installing the game and patching it. My character there will be deleted...

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Rift: Ashes of History Goes Live With Huge Patch Notes

Sep 28, 11 Rift: Ashes of History Goes Live With Huge Patch Notes

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Rift, one of the most stable games on the history of MMO launches has released their newest Content update called Ashes of History. Granted, after coming a bit late to the MMORPG party, they had time to learn from the mistakes of others. Still, a very impressive feat and one that was covered in our Rift Review. Biggest addition in...

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DC Universe Is Going Free To Play

Sep 24, 11 DC Universe Is Going Free To Play

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  YES! This is absolutely the right move for SOE. DC Universe going free to play means that a lot of new blood will see its potential. This game is one of the best Superhero MMOs out there. And being backed up by DC Comics just add to the awesomeness. I have played on release both City of Heroes and Villains, Champions Online...

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