Global Agenda: Recon Video

I have been playing some Global Agenda and so far I am enjoying it. I decided to play a Recon ( the equivalent of a rogue) and it’s 100x harder than any rogue class in any fantasy MMO. After reading the forums a bit, it seems 1 out of 20 players that play a Recon are good. Me? I am really bad at the moment. I am hoping to get...

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Global Agenda Launch Trailer

Will this be the next Planetside or a glorified Team Fortress...

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Global Agenda Beta Keys

Oct 01, 09 Global Agenda Beta Keys

Posted by in Gaming, Global Agenda

The good folks at Massively are giving away 10 Global Agenda keys to play this weekend and only those that can act fast will get it. “Another day, another set of beta keys for some lucky Massively readers. The guys at Hi-Rez Studios have 10 more beta keys that they want to give you guys so you can get in and play some...

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Hope For PlanetSide 2?

Sep 28, 09 Hope For PlanetSide 2?

Posted by in Gaming, PlanetSide

Let’s remember an oldie, PlanetSide: one of the first MMOFPS ever released.  The game featured REAL FPS action in an MMO world.  PS world involved hundreads of players in a single fight, where territory control and domination altered the three available factions.   PlanetSide offered players an experience system that is...

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