Oprah Drives Audience Crazy With Kinects

The part that they forgot to show was when the audience started to turn against each other. Kinect-frenzied flesh eating zombies. Well, according to some website Microsoft is having problems with the unit and will not allow reviews to go live before it hits the shelves. I don’t really think this is true so please feel free to...

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Microsoft Surface DEMO

A big thanks to Sol Invictus from the Hellforge Community.  This “computer table” is simply amazing.  Can you imagine something like that in the living room?  The demo features a Dungeons and Dragons  game module that looks impressive. Surfacescapes Demo Walkthrough from Visual Story TAs on...

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Microsoft NEW Tablet PC

Microsoft will release a new tablet PC, that will include new features.  As you can see from the video is more like an “agenda” for the every day use. The things I would just to be able to review one of this...

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