Clandestine: Follow The Path

Jul 03, 12 Clandestine: Follow The Path

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Meet Clandestine. This project is from the same team that brought you Naruto: Dreamers Fight and Street Fighter X Tekken. Thousand Pounds Action Company just started their Kickstarter project. I highly suggest you take the time to see their work and what’s their plan with this web series.   WHAT IS CLANDESTINE: Follow...

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Thousand Pounds: Delivering What Hollywood Is Missing

(Update: Thousand Pounds released Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight. Go check it out) I stumbled upon these videos because one of my Facebook friends (Thank you Pupu!) was kind enough to link them. After a little bit of research, the video was posted on Kotaku and before that, reedit. I spent some time checking out their other...

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GamersFirst and 9Dragons

I was just reading on Massively about GamersFirst adquiring 9 Dragons. I think it’s very cool they will be adding new things to the game but I wonder if it’s a little too late. The time I tried the game I was excited but I was quickly turned off by the spam and terrible grinding. Granted, I never really gave the proper...

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