Star Wars The Old Republic: Jedi Knight Specialization Video

Bioware released a video featuring the Specialization Classes for the Jedi Knight. While watching the video I noticed how fluid the animations are. My personal Hype-Meter is jumping with excitement. Guardian: A wall between the good people of the Republic and their enemies, the Guardian stands firm in the face of overwhelming odds...

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The Search For R2-D2

Nov 24, 09 The Search For R2-D2

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For those living under a rock (seriously, how can you not know?), R2-D2 is the droid from the Star Wars Universe.  Fun R2-D2 (“Artoo-Deetoo”) facts: R2-D2 appears in three episodes of The Simpsons. R2-D2 and C-3PO were featured as presenters at the 50th Academy Awards. An R2-D2 likeness has been placed on numerous...

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Player Content in StarWars Galaxies: A Little Too Late?

Oct 20, 09 Player Content in StarWars Galaxies: A Little Too Late?

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Star Wars Galaxies, a game that has been the constant target of attacks by its player base. SWG suffered major game changing updates and the last one created rage among the players: the NGE.  Abbreviated as NGE, the New Game Enhancements, was implemented almost in total secrecy.  Major changes included the simplification of...

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