Appreciating The New Tools In The MMO Genre

  The search of the next great MMO. What a search! Please notice that I used the word “great” and not “best”. I go through this every single time. Once again I was reminded about the little things that World of Warcraft does right for me. Yes, I am tired of the fantasy setting but it fits my casual...

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Gandalf’s Resonse: “You Shall Not Pay”

Turbine released a very iconic trailer for the release of the new free Lord of The Rings Online. Hey, Corporate Gandalf doesn’t look half...

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Lord Of The Rings Online: What Went Wrong?

Oct 23, 09 Lord Of The Rings Online: What Went Wrong?

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Lord of the Rings: the books, movies and now the MMORPG.  This game was released on 2007 and was received with positive reviews.  It is my understanding (maybe I am wrong) that Turbine used a heavy modified Asheron’s Call 2 engine, like they did with Dungeons & Dragons Online.  I even posted a comparision video between...

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