China’s New Iphone

This Iphone never made it into my Made in China blog entry. I have no idea how I missed something so awesome as the “Fake Iphone”.  Everything looks real until you start the...

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New Iphone Rumor: The Iphone 4G

Dec 23, 09 New Iphone Rumor: The Iphone 4G

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A Chinese wholesaler has “leaked” images and a part listing for the new “rumored” Iphone 4G. This is very unlikely but this is the same company that leaked the parts of the new 3GS. Android cellphones are gaining ground on the Iphone’s territory and this could be one of the reasons Apple could be...

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iPhone Users: Beware Of The Virus

Very interesting and sad information.  According to the article, non jail broken iPhones are facing their own security problems. The virus has been detected in the Netherlands and can only attack iPhones whose users have disabled some pre-installed security features, according to analysts monitoring the progress of the virus. The...

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Earthworm Jim Is Back!

Oct 25, 09 Earthworm Jim Is Back!

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How many of you remember Earthworm Jim? Just hearing that name makes me feel very old. The game was a hit in 1994 with its detailed 2D graphics, animations and wacky humor. Jim is making a comeback and for only $4.99 you can play the remake on the Iphone. One thing I remember, Earthworm Jim was quite challenging the first time but...

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