New iPhone 4G Video

Another leaked video with the new iPhone, though it might be a fake. Looks a lot like the one Gizmodo had. The screen seems to be frozen or something, but it looks really real. Judge for yourself. I know I want...

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More Iphone 4G!

Here’s another video of the iPhone 4G that was mysteriously found in a bar! The gentlemen in the video goes over the new design and some features it appears to have, like two cameras! As a proud iPhone owner, I must admit this gets me pretty excited. It looks...

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Could this be the elusive Iphone 4G?

Will the new iPhone be a smaller iPad? I posted some info a few months ago but the new images showed by Engadget look a bit different. For some reason it reminded me of an HTC phone. Don’t ask me why. If I bash the iPhone I need to bash the Droid as well. When will both phones, or OS in this case, support Flash? Please get to...

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