The Quick And Dirty Always Win Review

The Always Win game app will only appeal to you if you ever experienced one of the following situations before: You want to have fun and play a prank on one of your friends. You wan to cheat on a bet or drinking game. You just want to win. The list could be longer but my point is, everybody wants to have fun from time to time....

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iPad To Run World Of Warcraft?

May 06, 10 iPad To Run World Of Warcraft?

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Before we get our pants wet, this could easily be a “photoshoped” image but let’s give David Perry, the benefit of the doubt. After all he was part of the great Earthworm Jim game. At least it was great for me. Quick intermission before I get a few messages and texts. Yes, the images are all messed up. Just give me...

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Pocket Legends For The iPhone, iPad, and iTouch

Pocket Legends, one of the first complete 3D mobile MMOs out there. Sure there are other mobile games that try to include this element but I am truly surprise with Pocket Legends. This game is available for free and you can use it on you iPhone, iPad and iTouch. I am still not sold on the iPad but I can hope the next generation of...

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The iPad

Let the video do all the talking....

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