Modern Warfare 3 Gets Redemption

The Call of Duty games. What a list! In reality, only 2 games from their catalog got my love and attention. That was the Modern Warfare series. I could not get into the others and after trying to really like World at War and Black Ops it just didn’t work out. Like wanting to have a beer, you grab one and as soon as you taste...

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Modern Warfare 2: Super Speed Glitch

Become Flash in this hacked game session of Modern Warfare 2 Very interesting comment from Jeff Green, a member of the Joystiq community: “Here I’ve decided to create a small and helpful guide to Modern Warfare 2 glitches. We all know IW is pack of insane Satan worshiping demons who hate gamers on a grand scale. As...

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Modern Warfare 2: Rated H For Hacking

Nov 27, 09 Modern Warfare 2: Rated H For Hacking

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It seems the guys at found their way into Infinity’s servers and have a working aim bot.  Very soon the Valve anti cheating software will kick in and start the massive accounts banning.  Still, very impressive how they managed to create the aimbot. Here is a screenshot of the aimbot at...

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Mordern Warfare 2 Full Lenght New Trailer

The new Modern Warfare 2 Trailer was released and it looks great.  Asides from all the drama Infinity Ward has created, the game shows a good deal of realism.  Just a matter of days for the game’s release.  Are you...

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