Global Agenda Sandstorm

Global Agenda has made a lot of changes recently. To show the new Sandstorm patch they released a short, straight to the point trailer. It explains how to survive the future in 5 easy steps. Remember the game now has no monthly fees and you can enjoy the Conquest mode. To be honest, it’s a fun game. Check out the trailer and...

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The F2P Executive Decision: Lords Of The Ring Online and Global Agenda

These news are a bit old but I failed to post them. For those that have no idea, Global Agenda will eliminate its subscription service known as AvA. Now everybody that buys the game can play the Conquest mode for free. They will use the same formula Guild Wars have used in the past: pay for expansions. Turbine,...

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Global Agenda Free Trial

Check out the new offer from Hi-Rez Studios. The keys are limited so act fast! “There are a limited number Global Agenda Trial keys avaialable. Keep an eye out the Global Agenda forums and Facebook and follow @AvaLockhart and @HirezStudios for changes to get a key. With the Global Agenda Trial, ou can play as much as you...

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Global Agenda: Recon Video

I have been playing some Global Agenda and so far I am enjoying it. I decided to play a Recon ( the equivalent of a rogue) and it’s 100x harder than any rogue class in any fantasy MMO. After reading the forums a bit, it seems 1 out of 20 players that play a Recon are good. Me? I am really bad at the moment. I am hoping to get...

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Global Agenda Keeps Targeting Elves: In Line Trailer

I have mentioned Global Agenda more than once and the game has really grab my attention. The weekend sale made my decision a lot more easier. If I continue to enjoy the game I will make a mini section (like I have with Kalibre at The Movies and  The World of Warcraft Blog) to post all my rants and cool stuff about the game. So...

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