WTF: Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Is Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1

I know it is a very long title for a very short rant. This Holiday week I was sick with the flu. It was pretty bad. As I laid in the sofa (I wanted to be close to the kitchen and a bathroom because I was by myself) I decided to play this game. I won’t lie, there was some excitement in my feverish face. That turned into disgust...

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Slightly Relevant First Contest: Win an Aion Key!

Quick update here! You want to play Aion? Do you want to play the game for free? If that’s the case, SlightlyRelevant is doing just that. The team has a hold of two keys to give away. So how to win? Comment on our site anywhere between October 13 and October 27. The judges (aka, us SR folks) will then decide on two winners....

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New KalibreOnline Feature: Request A Review

I am very happy to announce this new feature to KalibreOnline. This was an idea suggested by Project Xii and I immediately loved it. As of now just feel free to leave a comment with the game or anime that you would like the amazing Mr. Xii to review. Yes, it’s that simple. Remember, not all requests can be honored and...

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The F2P Executive Decision: Lords Of The Ring Online and Global Agenda

These news are a bit old but I failed to post them. For those that have no idea, Global Agenda will eliminate its subscription service known as AvA. Now everybody that buys the game can play the Conquest mode for free. They will use the same formula Guild Wars have used in the past: pay for expansions. Turbine,...

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Xbox 360 Slim Version: Death To DvDs and Red Ring Of Death

Jun 19, 10 Xbox 360 Slim Version: Death To DvDs and Red Ring Of Death

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Good news! The 360 will come in a new shiny slim black unit, looking a bit like a PS3. Bad News! It’s still very hungry and you can say goodbye to your DvDs if you move the unit while its loading the disc. It seems Microsoft, masters of illusions and deception, found a way to fix the dreaded Red Ring of Dead (RRoD). They...

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