The Sadness Of A Zombie Invasion: Dead Island Trailer

The following trailer is just a milestone in game trailers. Thanks to this trailer, someone might pick up this game’s licence and make it a movie. It’s just as brutal as it is sad. Please take a moment to just watch...

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Reve’s Rift Impressions

Feb 11, 11 Reve’s Rift Impressions

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Well, so as it is usual, a friend calls me and says : “Hey! Have you seen (Insert random game name here)? Its coming out X day of Y month and its “fricking” awesome! And its on closed beta right now!” My usual response is: “No, but I’ll check it out”. Well the last time this happened the game was Rift, and this...

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The Battle Of The Comic Book MMOs: Enter DC Universe Online

DC Universe: Which One? Another Comic Book MMO comes to life! Will DC Universe Online live up to your expectations? It all depends in your expectations. How high are them? Before I continue, please do not consider this a review because it’s not. It’s just a recollection of my experiences playing this game. These...

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Marvel vs Capcom 3: Not a Rumor, Coming Spring 2011 to a PS3 and Xbox 360 Near You


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Battle of the Inmortals Video

This new game looks very interesting. For some reason it reminds me of the Diablo series. Please keep in mind this is not a real game trailer, is more of a developers video...

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