Modern Warfare 3 Gets Redemption

The Call of Duty games. What a list! In reality, only 2 games from their catalog got my love and attention. That was the Modern Warfare series. I could not get into the others and after trying to really like World at War and Black Ops it just didn’t work out. Like wanting to have a beer, you grab one and as soon as you taste...

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Capcom’s Bait And Switch In Resident Evil Revelations Trailer

This is something that I think is hilarious. Kotaku released a leaked trailer from Resident Evil: Revelations. In this trailer you were met with a busty and possibly blind blonde girl. When I say “possibly blind” I don’t mean it literally. Her hair is in the way and that thing is harder than Pauly D’s...

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fantastically well-worked game that will have you thinking “jeez did I just do the right thing” constantly. You make grayer and grayer decisions while you progress through this beautiful game. The choice system can seriously influence many different ways the game can go and can make things easier...

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Blade & Soul: Next GEN MMO or More Of The Same?

A long time ago, I posted some pictures and videos of a game called Blade & Soul. This is a new game that will be released by NCSoft, the same company that brought us Aion among other games. Before you turn away thinking that this is just another Korean grinder (which it might be) this game will offer a different combat system...

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SkullGirls 2D Fighter Trailer Released

Mar 15, 11 SkullGirls 2D Fighter Trailer Released

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Yes, it’s SkullGirls, not SchoolGirls. This is a new 2D fighting game that most likely will hit XBL or PSN. I do hope for a Steam release as well. According to their website, there might be a total of 8 characters available. Here’s a small excerpt from their website: Skullgirls is a fast-paced 2D fighting game that puts...

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