Mr. T & World Of Warcraft

Oh Mr T, you crack me up! Old WoW Commercial New Mr. T WoW Commercials You can find a second version of the video you just watched...

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Modern Warfare 2 Sucks: An Emo Kid Story

This is a very emotional review about Modern Warfare 2.   Real men wear...

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Japanese Spiderman

Yes, it seems Marvel approved this TV show.  On a side note, I believe this particular show jump started the Super Sentai genre, but I could be wrong. Any information is greatly appreciated. Spiderman and a Mecha? Just doesn’t seem...

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Cosplay Horrors

Nov 06, 09 Cosplay Horrors

Posted by in Gaming

My last entry was all about cosplay girls (mostly asian women) and I was asked to continue the series but not with asian girls – well I am working on it. This gallery will focus on things gone wrong or just plain weird. I am not a cosplayer -and I said this before- but good attention to detail is what differentiates a cosplay...

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How to wake up your girlfriend or wife

The guy have guts and the girl a great sense of humor, I can’t imagine what would happen to me if I try that. Enough said! Enjoy the video: Update: The video is back up!  Let me know if the video goes down...

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