Made In China: Innovations At Half The Price

Dec 08, 09 Made In China: Innovations At Half The Price

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Today I had a horrible day at work. It’s been a while since I had such a bad migraine. Anyway, just woke up and I found a lot of crap waiting for me on my messenger, so I decided to share. Let’s start with some images.  Did you enjoyed watching Kung Fu Panda? Well, hopefully you will enjoy the sequel: Kung Fu Panda...

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Rihanna & Shy Ronnie Take Over The World

Andy Samberg does it again, and this time brings Rihanna with him....

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Crazy Girl 2: Step Away From The PS3

Dec 05, 09 Crazy Girl 2: Step Away From The PS3

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In case you missed my previous post regarding a crazy blond girl, let me remind you.  A girl is so upset with her boyfriend, she destroys his Xbox 360 with a gulf club.  To be honest, the video looked really fake.  Now we have another video of  a girl destroying a PS3. This one though, looks real. In case you missed the...

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Internet And Cats: Love At First Sight

The internet has a fascination with cute cats. Well almost any cat.   The first video was sent to me by my friend and the second one I have to thank Zindaihas from the MMORPG Community.  Feel free to share any cat videos that you...

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Crazy Girl: Step Away From The Xbox 360

Is this real?  If this is indeed real, we all know who wears the pants in the relationship. “My boyfriend pranks me waaay more than I prank him and then he goes and plays video games for 10hours a day. So I smashed his xbox to illustrate a point.” –Blond Psycho Bitch...

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