The Scariest Game Ever

My sister sent me this link a few hours ago: I just got done playing one of the SCARIEST video games ever. Now, hear me out before saying, “Oh, he’s probably just a fag that gets scared of everything.” I don’t get scared of video games or movies. I’ve played many survival horror games and have seen...

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Car Fail Or Boyfriend Fail?

I just saw this video and I needed to post it. To the very supporting partner, good move on blaming her and not your guy friends. Douche!

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Diary of a Zergling

This got my eye while I was on my break at work. It is pretty good. You can find the original here. Day 1  I just got spawned! There was another guy in my egg, though. Not too sure what to think about that. The creep looks pretty cool, I guess. My job is mostly running around the base. Nothing too awesome going on. Day 2  A...

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Hear The Lamentation Of The Women: A Conan The Barbarian Musical

This is impressive! A musical one hundred percent true to the original movie. You can check more videos...

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New Blockbuster Movie: Jackie Chan Hates Karate Kids

This is a bit cruel but I thought the video was funny. Watch it after the jump.   Like always, this is just for fun. I am a fan of Jackie’s movies and respect him very deeply. Please visit (Chan’s official website) to learn more about his projects. For the record I think he played his role...

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