How To Troll Noobs in Battlefield 3

Here’s another hillarious video by the same guy (or girl, its not clear yet) who was piloting an helicopter in Battlefield 3 “like a boss” in the previous video. These videos are extremely funny from start to finish. Please, someone out there sponsor this...

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Chuck Norris Owns World Of Warcraft

  This was just a matter of time. During my last visit to the Barrens, it’s not the same if his name is not mentioned. Warcraft players will understand. The Chuck Norris movement is in every single game and forum. This thing will never die. Check out the Top 50 Chuck Norris facts and jokes. Chuck Norris has his own set...

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Toy Story X: Woody’s Got Wood

Oct 04, 11 Toy Story X: Woody’s Got Wood

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Prepare to be horrified as your childhood hero becomes a sexual deviant. It seems Woody has been hanging out too much with Pedobear. Which surprisingly made an appearance in a Polish newspaper. This is all I could save from the gallery, which had a lot of pictures. There were too many images that I felt could not be posted here....

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Homer Simpson’s Death

Today is a sad day. Homer Simpson, loving father and husband suffered a brutal death. The authorities are looking for the culprit in this video. Watch the video after the jump and answer this question: Do you know this...

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Jersey Shore RPG

If you are a fan of the show, you should play this RPG. Kudos for the people that worked on this video. Here’s the original link in case the Youtube video goes...

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