Left 4 Speed 2: A Left For Dead 2 Parody

Sol Invictus from the Hellforge community posted this video and it’s pretty...

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Weird Picture Faces

I laughed a bit when I was watching the videos.  Can you spot what’s wrong in the two videos? Permanent muscle memory every time someone takes a picture? ...

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Real Life Transformers: Meet The Owl

This is the first time I have ever seen this video.  I don’t care if the whole world wide web have seen it.  It is awesome! Now I know what I want for...

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Threw It On The Ground

Andy Samberg delivers another funny performance.  I am a sucker for his...

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How to wake up your girlfriend or wife

The guy have guts and the girl a great sense of humor, I can’t imagine what would happen to me if I try that. Enough said! Enjoy the video: Update: The video is back up!  Let me know if the video goes down...

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